Gospel Music with a Country Flavor

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Lifes highway

One of many branches

1. Jesus is my denomination

2. Don't talk the talk

3. One of many branches

4. I know a man who can

5.No worries, No fear

6. Life's highway ........ ( now playing in back ground )

7. I'm not gonna fall to pieces

8. If ya don't believe the bible (then you don't know the Lord)

9. New Attitude

10.My Christianity

Walking with the Savior

1. Jesus Is

2. Fruit of the Spirit

3. The Shelf

4. He died for you

5. We may be the only Jesus (they will ever see)

6. Hot rod wings

7. If you died today (would you go to heaven)

8. It only took One man

9. Well done

10.  The Truth will set you free

11. Don't leave Christ out of the music

12. Fill us Lord

From my heart to your heart


1. It don't matter

2. Moral decay

3 What if we knew

4. New direction

5. I'm gettin ready

6. Daily forgiveness

7. Reason for the season

8. What would Jesus do

9. Family and friends

10. Noah's ark (bullfrog song)

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12 Fill Us Lord
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