Gospel Music with a Country Flavor

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As the Pastor at 1st Church I have had the privilege of knowing Mike for several years as both a member of our congregation and a part of our worship ministry. Mike has shared his talents with our worship team and he was featured in our annual "I love America" celebration where over 700 people attended from various churches in the Tri-State area to honor our country and the Lord. The response from the attendees was extremely positive. Worship Pastor John Barfield say's "I know Mike as a committed Christian who has a heart for worship and ministering through music. The impact of Mike's ministry is felt by our congregation weather Mike is playing drums with our praise band or singing one of his original compositions". I think Mike has a natural talent and a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of those who see him sing. Therefore I feel confident in highly recommending Mike to you without reservation as a Christian recording artist and individual. Sincerely, LD ”
Your concert Sunday at our church was a perfect blend of testimony, humor and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.Your alterations of the song selections based on our conversation displayed that sensitivity and the professionalism to have other songs available. Your lyrics paint pictures and your transparency in sharing allowed each person to connect and experience worship. With your visible heart for ministry and your ability to impact people it would be great to have you back at our church before the end of the year. Thank you again for a great worship experience and I look forward to your next visit.”
Mike, We've had a long relationship together based on our faith in Jesus Christ. I believe that God has blessed you with a special talent that He doesn't give to every Christian musician. God has truly used your music to bring Him honor and glory. Thank you for your concert at Trinity Baptist. Our people said that you truly led them into the presence of God and they had a true worship experience. Looking forward to spending eternity with you! Just think how talented and blessed you'll will be there!”
“I want you to know how much our men appreciated your performance last year. You really hit a home run with the guys! I think the thing we all appreciated most was your servant heart for Christ which came out as you told the stories behind the songs. You are an awesome warrior for Christ and I'd be honored if you would grace us again next month.”
“...your great country humor and gentle, humble spirit allow you to make friends instantly with the audience and you appear to be having a great time doing it which allows everyone else to have a good time also. In other words, you are "contagious" when presenting God's word through music! Don't ever stop! We love you!”
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